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Headshots: diversify your face

There’s more to great headshots these days than just your head.  You’ve got to engage the imagination if you really want to catch folks’ attention.CJPulse_banner1a-9_lowres
Case in point: Chris, the proprietor of Panmelodia – an independent music production company – dropped by the other day needing photos to introduce his new (top secret) business launch – the culmination of a pricey year of studies in Langera College’s Music Production Program. One might argue that business launches should not be top secret, but Chris wants to get his branding and content down tight before he starts beating the drum and that makes pretty good sense.
Playing off on the notion of diverse talent with defined style, we decided to create a series of personal portraits for his website that had a photo booth feel to it. Let us know what you think.
As for the launch… stay tuned.  Big things are coming in just a few weeks time.

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Craig Pulsifer
Craig Pulsifer
10 years ago

Thanks, Brandon!

Brandon Dorsey
10 years ago

Nice! Haha, what a great collection of photos. Not only do these shots show off quite a bit of depth in personality, they also seem to string together to make a couple sentence statement.
Huge thumbs up from me!



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