Photo Walkabout: Metro Manila

Back in metro Manila again and I am blown away by the pace of life and incredible growth that’s going on here.  High rises and condo salespeople are everywhere!

The purpose behind this trip – call it a Photo Walkabout – is to simply chase light, recharge my creative batteries and refine my vision.  The good Lord and Wifi willing, I’ll keep you posted with regular posts to the blog here; so don’t be shy – sign up for email updates over in the right of the page and let’s see where this goes.  And feel free to drop a comment or two; these trips are always more fun when folks share a journey together.
Cheers! ~ craig

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  1. Amazing pics, Craig! Nice catching up with you, Ate Lib and Tio Toting last night. Hope to see you guys soon!

    1. Thanks Jester, great meeting new friends. You guys have such a great family, you actually made me homesick for my gang back in BC. Stay tuned for some pix from the evening! And yes, lets stay in touch!

  2. Nice stuff! The shot of Mary with the smoke really caught my eye. I’m stoked about this walkabout – looks like you’re going to have a lot of awesome stuff to show for your time there.

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