By their fruit you shall know them

We’ve been hanging out with twenty kids at the Ban San Faan Home outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand who despite the absence of birth parents will capture your heart and challenge your faith with the reality of their Heavenly Father.

Ban San Faan kids pick lychee fruit at mountain farm

Photo: Abbey and Daniel enjoy the fruit of their labor after picking lychee.

During my visit with these great kids, I was blessed with the chance to develop a brochure for the home to be used to tell folks both near and far of the fine work being done to raise a next generation of good and godly leaders for the community.
The local printer quite fairly estimates the cost to produce 1,000 full-colour, glossy brochures is 9,000 baht (about $300 US -that’s 3 cents a copy!). Talk about an investment opportunity for someone out there to do a world of good by helping spread the word of what Ban San Faan are doing… If interested, please do drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with a chance to help make a real difference in the world.