VJ Bootcamp – TOP TEN LIST

Just back from the 2010 Visual Journalist Bootcamp in Langley, WA.  Here’s the skinny.

  1. 70% of video production is audio
  2. Ask paired questions, then shut up. (use the Dumb Dog look for clarification)
  3. Let the motion happen (lock on tripod, reduce pans/tilts/zooms)
  4. Let each piece “breath” with 10 second lead-ins and tail-outs
  5. Get Video portraits (x4): shoot wide, medium, close, extreme close
  6. Shoot stills in series (with various emotion) for cutaways
  7. Shoot Clean-Ins and Outs (action crosses the entire frame)
  8. Chase the metaphor
  9. Lead clips with audio (then reveal)
  10. Edit by subtraction

Storm statements:
“I never start a story knowing what I am going to say.”
“Story will always trump technique.”
“Good Audio + Bad Video = Documentary;  Bad Audio + Good Video = Trash”
“One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic.”  (ergo:Tough stories must be humanized.)
“Rise above the noise; produce quality content.”
“Always shoot the fridge.”  It’s the billboard of a person’s life.

Other points to ponder:

  • Authenticity and Transparency are needed more today than Objectivity.
  • Strategic Dissonance (see Image #1) bodes well for new media content providers. ~Toni Deifell, Q-Media Labs
  • Well crafted new media storytelling will save journalism from “the Amateur Digital Disruption”. ~Hanson Hosein (ex-MSNBC, CBC,  now U of W professor)
  • Content Marketing needed to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood audience… and move them to measurable action. ~Russell Sparkman, Fusionspark Media.
  • An emerging term in the lexicon of Social Media is “Content Strategy”.

Proceedings were livecast via UStream.  Word was that the broadcast would soon be posted for play on demand.