The February Hustle

For many folks, February is a month of winter blues; but over here, we’ve warmed things up in the Old Courthouse by renting a vacated restaurant space and turning it into a commercial photo studio for local businesses. 120208_0177a_lowres
The fun part about personal projects is the way it proves the old maxim that “necessity is the motherhood of invention”.

Local merchants have added to the fun.  The local Thrift Store (Churches Of Salmon Arm Used Goods Society) have opened an entire warehouse of creative oddities by setting me up with a rental agreement for a schwack of clothing and props.  Also, the good folks at Easyhome Furniture loaned us a coach for a Saturday morning family portrait.  It’s projects like this that restore my faith in community.

Granted, it’s probably not the kind of work that is going to turn Kent Kobersteen’s head, but it’s definitely generating good deal of buzz among the bread and butter scene around here.  And in this economy creative personal projects that can drive revenue is what it’s ALL ABOUT.