A Prayer in Nindawari

YWAM Ships exists to reach the isolated with medical aid and the gospel of Jesus.

This year, Katie, a 23 year-old registered EMT from Idaho, USA, led a small team from YWAM Ships Kona up the Gira River of Papua New Guinea to remote tribal villages of the Binandari. 

Yes, they were able to soothe with a song and bandage up wounds, but for complicated matters of eyesight and hearing, there was no doctor.  They had only faith to rely upon, and that is a tough pill for many westerners to swallow.

Yet, with what faith they did have, the team prayed for others during their visits and to their amazement things often happened.

In the village of Nindawari, one elderly woman stepped out of the worship time to ask for prayer for her hearing.

Following Christ’s example, Katie touched the woman’s ear and prayed – and, so that even you reading this may know of God’s faithfulness… the woman’s hearing was restored! 

With many witnesses of this event in agreement, we are believing together for good things ahead for these people.


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Joy Goerzen
Joy Goerzen

such inspiring news! Thank you for sharing how God is at work around the globe! The photos give a wonderful glimpse into what is happening!

R Evans
R Evans

I love all this news … and love that God is using you in such a way! I will travel the world through you!