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Can you dig it?

Had the chance to join writer Mike Gingrich on assignment for Jeepney magazine… a fledgling street mag geared to help the urban poor get a leg up on life. The Pinoy term Mangangalakal can mean entrepreneur, but in the relocated squatter community of Tansa 1, it refers to individuals with a salvage lisence for the new landfill. Part of a story on the 10-worst jobs in Manila, in actual fact, the night shift pictured here much prefered self-employment and the ability to be home with family on a daily basis to the subsistance wages found in the city core.

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Brandon Dorsey
15 years ago

Thats an incredible picture. I love what you guys are doing. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers. My God bless you all as you bless others. I pray that God would keep your spirits high and your bodies able.
God Bless.



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