… and I saw a great many dry bones on the valley floor. Ezekiel 37:2

Rainbow Gathering

Every now and again, when my trapezoids feel like they’re attached to my earlobes, I get this hankering to sprout wings and fly off somewhere.  Last week was definitely one of those times and I was generously reminded that serendipity can be an awesome tour guide.
Chasing a lead from a fellow-photog, I kicked things off in Victoria, BC with a gorgeous plate of greens and a particularly vague set of instructions to head counter-clockwise around Vancouver Island.  Later that day, a couple of roadside hippies filled in the gaps for me, directing me to the visually surreal experience of a Rainbow Gathering, which as near as I can figure is a blissed-out pagan festival involving dreads, drums, fire and the full moon.
But, man, what a wild group of free thinkers there were there!  Totally off the grid.

Celebrants of a local Rainbow Gathering listen as a Shanti Sena or peacekeeper gives a stirring call for unity and mutual respect.
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