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Death By Dongle

Death by dongle

We’re in mid-packing for a longterm overseas assignment.  Naturally, we want to travel light and this is a perfect time to rid myself of all obsolete and redundant gear, so I plug my nose and dive into my computer bag.

No wonder I’ve been plagued with chronic neck/shoulder issues. Inside my kit there is a bag within a bag containing almost two kilos (4 pounds) of connectors, adapters, back up drives and other small accessories!

Confession time. I am addicted to Apple. It’s kind of a love/hate, co-dependant relationship that we have together.

To their credit, Apple has developed some of the lightest, thinnest and most powerful machines on the market today.  However, in their hubris, they have led the charge into the future with a proprietary, all-in-one, omni-port system called Thunderbolt 3, that is used for charging and connecting all types of peripheral devices. It’s fast, downwardly compatible with other devices, and unfortunately oval in a world of rectangular USB plugs. So, while it works like a charm, it does leave its users in a technological purgatory as we wait for the rest of the world to adopt to their system.  

And let’s not talk about the after market, up-sell of mandatory Apple “dongles”.  These little gems cost a small fortune that, when I add up my own little stable of cables, the total comes to a whopping CDN $550. Don’t tell me that Apple didn’t think that one through in their business model.

Meanwhile, I still face the challenge of cutting my accessories and attachments in half to avoid a major pain in the neck, so enough time wasted… charge!


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