… and I saw a great many dry bones on the valley floor. Ezekiel 37:2

Alms for the boaters?

On tour with family for a couple of weeks to the Visayas, central islands of Philippines.
Fishermen in small boats called “bancas” from the island of Cebu gather alongside the docking SuperFerry (a primary means of inter-Island transport) to dive for peso coins thrown to them by passengers aboard deck 3 of the larger vessel. It is common to bring along a small child (often naked and not necessarily your own) to elicit sympathy from the passengers.
Despite the crass circus sideshow aspect of this display, the daring and talent of these people is nothing short of amazing.

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Joe Narvaez
14 years ago

Nice pic… Sad state. This is common in many port areas in the Philippines.


(we serve steak, not spam)