And I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live..  Ezekiel 37:14

Canada Crossing (filming MMSC)


Self-isolating in a customized van, Craig and Lib head out across Canada’s glaciated mountains, sprawling plains and rocky shields of lake-pocked landscape to film lessons for an online Media Mission Short Course (MMSC) to equip up-and-coming video journalists.

This short video will get you up to speed on our work to film lesson modules for the MMSC – an interactive and mentored ‘virtual field trip’ for the next generation of visual communicators.

Along the way, we are being amply blessed to share time with with friends, family and complete strangers – in a safe, socially-distant kind of way.

Work proceeds, in spite of the current pandemic.

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Alan Hood
1 year ago

So much for the 5 km road sign! Glad to hear how things are developing. I am currently also putting together a similar program for Wycliffe Canada. We need to connect. I currently just working on the outline…. yes including the exposure triangle!

Marjorie Girard
Marjorie Girard
1 year ago

This is a great video. Many blessings and love as you bring the gospel to the world. And congratulations on the Grandparent thing. Best role in the world next to knowing Jesus

1 year ago

Love this video! Amazing drone shots!


(we serve steak, not spam)