… and I saw a great many dry bones on the valley floor. Ezekiel 37:2

Man Bites Dog

Man Bites DogHanoi, VN – A skinny waiter steps toward our table as I flip through a grease-stained menu of items I cannot pronounce.
“I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” I say to my buddy seated across from me.
The waiter, now standing beside us, puts a pen to a thin pad of paper and without looking up says, “No horse, but dog fresh today.”
I look over at buddy who is even hungrier than me. He looks up at the waiter and asks, “Does that come with rice?”
Turns out, it does.

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Adrian Oliver
14 years ago

Oh Yes oh YES!
We got to see a neighbour about to eat dog – photos of just afterwards here
Hope you are well! We are about to leave Chiang Mai back to the UK for the summer.
Say hi to the family,
Chiang Mai


(we serve steak, not spam)