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Flat art is just a picture of a picture.  Simple stuff you’d think.
Then you try to do it; to translate a flat, two-dimensional rendition of a 3-D scene onto a flat, 2-D film plane.  Ask any musician who has recruited the artistic talents of a best friend to pull together their next-platinum album cover and tried to use the family camera for album art and you’ll soon discover tales (plural) of disappointment.

It’s not as simple as click-the-pic.  The hopeful repro artist is suddenly faced with a whole new lexicon with terms like, “white balance”, “perspective control”, “angle of reflectance”, “specular highlights”, “polarization” and “All-things-Dean-Collins”.  I wish it was more simple; in fact, I first thought it was.  But then, I tried to do album art for a buddy of mine. That was years ago and thankfully I’ve learned a few things, but it’s amazing how far and deep one’s raw naivete can get you.

This week, we launched our latest personal project – STUDIO24: SA – with a repro job for Omega Engineering, a local design firm. 120201_0002a-adj_lowres
With apologies to every other Studio24 something or other out there, this latest incarnation of creativity adapts the potentially doomed name of it’s predecessor: Table24 Restaurant, whose owner absconded with assets of his fine dining experience in a moment of spontaneous combustion.
All this to say that we have stumbled into a moment of good fortune to make hay while the 1200Ws strobes shine.
Hope you’ll stay tuned as we spend the next few weeks blitzing the local portrait and business community with fabulous deals for portrait and corporate photography in som
e of the highest priced realestate this town has to offer.

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