Spoonful of Sugar

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”  ~ Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, 1964) Oddly enough, the opposite is true in Marikina, Philippines.  There, medicine is being delivered to help children regain health and appetite, thanks to the work of small, non-profit agencies, like Action International . Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines in September, […]

The Kids are Alright

Valenzuela City, Philippines – At Papa John’s Center in metro-Manila, children ages 5-20 are being cared for by Gemma Bucuyag (mid-left), who set aside her dental practice to care for children at risk in the neighborhood that she grew up in.  Not knowing where food and living supplies will come from one month-to-the-next, Gemma relies […]

Man Bites Dog

Hanoi, VN – A skinny waiter steps toward our table as I flip through a grease-stained menu of items I cannot pronounce. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” I say to my buddy seated across from me. The waiter, now standing beside us, puts a pen to a thin pad of paper and […]

Shalom Bahay Paanakin: birthing clinic

Awarded “Member of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth, Mavis Orton (75) oversees over 125 births a month from a 2-room clinic adjoining her house in Antipolo, Philippines.

Papa John’s Orphange

Though trained as a dentist, Gemma Bacuyag in her mid-30’s is not focusing on her income as much as she is her output. She now pours her energy into the care of 15 children living in her family’s home. The project, partially supported by Action International, is called Papa John’s Orphanage. With no official budget or […]