Stories of faith, hope and encouragement


Perspectives is a collection of short video interviews of Christian leaders from around the world sharing their insights, applications and encouragement for the Church body as it adjusts to “life under lockdown” and the Covid19 pandemic.

Lawrence Tamarau: Making a difference

The world needs more families, like Lawrence and Sandra Tamarau in Papua New Guinea.  As a local missionary, Lawrence works fulltime as an engineer aboard the YWAM Liberty – a 1,700 tonne medical cargo ship –  delivering critical aid and the gospel of Jesus Christ to his countrymen in remote islands in the South Pacific.  […]

Heroes and Rogues

Salmon Arm Art Gallery presents: Heroes and Rogues December 3-17, 2016 70 Hudson Ave, NE  Salmon Arm, BC Heroes & Rogues is a collection of classic, medium-format, black and white photographs that began 11-years ago more out of my admiration of the work of the Canadian portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh, than for any real historic reasons.  […]

My Date with Gimli

Got a call from the local Film Commissioner looking to house a Yeti. “A what?” I asked. “A Yeti… Y-E-T-I… you know, an Abominable Snowman, albino Sasquatch… I need to find a cave big enough to shoot a movie in,” he said in a tone that somehow managed to make me feel stupid for asking. “There’s […]

Where Culture and Commerce Meet

Cross-legged with eyes half shut, Somboon Gavichi’s upper body sways to the hypnotic, almost nasal whine that emanates from a light, two-stringed instrument he bows. For centuries, the Sa-lor as it is called, has been an integral part of Northern Thailand’s musical heritage. Today, few know how to play it well, let alone make one. […]

Surfer's world: how to get thrashed (and make friends)

This story…  I want to tell it so badly; as much as I want to be a part of it. All good storytellers know that the best way to tell a story is from within. But to get that kind of access, you either have to have been there for years (an insider’s story) or […]

Armistice, lest we forget…

In my mind, O.B. Pulsifer, Sr. is the stuff of legends. A tough blend of maverick and enterprise; persistence that verged on stubborn logic and, yes, even deep emotion (though no one was supposed to know). It’s quite likely that Alexander Keith’s Ale coined their best slogan after hearing about Grampy because: “Those that liked […]

Santa on a bad day?

Photo workshop with local biker and reluctant model Larry Barber.

Our latest tutorial just hit the webwaves for Photoflex this Christmas that utilizes the extra small OctoDome nxt.  I’m pretty stoked about this hexagonal softbox because as the lesson proves, it’s a great little tool that packs up in a very small case to help portraits on the fly. The gig was a combination product/portrait for […]

Palawan: Island Hopping

El Nido, Philippines – It’s hard to hear over the one-cylinder banging of the banca’s engine.  We left the kids of Papa John Center a while back and are now ‘holed up’ under the posh palms of the Dolarog – a water-access-only resort just up the coast from El Nido on Palawan Island. Talk about […]

Down 'n Out in Beverly Hills

The following images were taken during an assignment in downtown LA last week.  Most of them weren’t related in anyway to the subject I was covering, but for whatever reason, I felt the need to stop for the frame.  I can’t say as I even knew why at the time, but in hindsight, I certainly […]

Shalom Bahay Paanakin: birthing clinic

Awarded “Member of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth, Mavis Orton (75) oversees over 125 births a month from a 2-room clinic adjoining her house in Antipolo, Philippines.



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