Rainbow Gathering

Rainbow Gatherings – An open minded extension of the 1960’s free love movement where a joyful gathering of shamans, spiritists, eco-hippies and other counter-culture individuals form a temporary community to celebrate the elements of creation. This particular Rainbow Gathering was somewhat unsanctioned.  Held during August 2010 at an undisclosed beach on Vancouver Island, the event […]

Peaking in Peru

“The Knot!” barks the instructor. “If you leave here knowing nothing else, remember that! It will save your life.” We all stop smiling and study the double Figure Eight tied through the belay loops of our harnesses. Strange how thin a 10.2 millimetre nylon rope looks when you have to hang from it. Guess this […]

Where Culture and Commerce Meet

Cross-legged with eyes half shut, Somboon Gavichi’s upper body sways to the hypnotic, almost nasal whine that emanates from a light, two-stringed instrument he bows. For centuries, the Sa-lor as it is called, has been an integral part of Northern Thailand’s musical heritage. Today, few know how to play it well, let alone make one. […]

Surfer's world: how to get thrashed (and make friends)

This story…  I want to tell it so badly; as much as I want to be a part of it. All good storytellers know that the best way to tell a story is from within. But to get that kind of access, you either have to have been there for years (an insider’s story) or […]

Armistice, lest we forget…

In my mind, O.B. Pulsifer, Sr. is the stuff of legends. A tough blend of maverick and enterprise; persistence that verged on stubborn logic and, yes, even deep emotion (though no one was supposed to know). It’s quite likely that Alexander Keith’s Ale coined their best slogan after hearing about Grampy because: “Those that liked […]

A World of Good

A handful of Canadian high-schoolers take one hour a week to DO A WORLD OF GOOD with a sustainable recycling project that helps fund two feeding programs for street kids and educate a home for some 30 abandoned children in Asia. A World of Good from Craig Pulsifer on Vimeo. THE CHALLENGE: Look beyond yourself.  […]

Sunset over Dolarog Wharf

El Nido, Philippines – It was amazing how fast it set, the sun. My back was to the shore as I wound my way through coconut treed lawn of the Dolarog.  It was dark inside our hut, but an orange glare of light on a polished teak table drew my eye back out to the […]

Palawan: Island Hopping

El Nido, Philippines – It’s hard to hear over the one-cylinder banging of the banca’s engine.  We left the kids of Papa John Center a while back and are now ‘holed up’ under the posh palms of the Dolarog – a water-access-only resort just up the coast from El Nido on Palawan Island. Talk about […]

Rainbow Gathering

Every now and again, when my trapezoids feel like they’re attached to my earlobes, I get this hankering to sprout wings and fly off somewhere.  Last week was definitely one of those times and I was generously reminded that serendipity can be an awesome tour guide. Chasing a lead from a fellow-photog, I kicked things […]

By their fruit you shall know them

We’ve been hanging out with twenty kids at the Ban San Faan Home outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand who despite the absence of birth parents will capture your heart and challenge your faith with the reality of their Heavenly Father. Photo: Abbey and Daniel enjoy the fruit of their labor after picking lychee. During my […]

Young monks

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Microsoft’s Windows VISTA offers dim hope for enlightenment during the convocation ceremony for these novice monks at Wat Pantao in the core of the moat-bound city.  Maybe Windows 7 holds the answer? Either way, it’s interesting to see the role new media is playing in the world these days.

Songkran: Thai New Year

WATER FIGHT!!! What began centuries ago as a traditional celebration of the Thai astrological new year has devolved into a friendly national water fight geared to stave off the hottest days of the Thai year. A hundred years ago, younger Thais would travel to their parent’s place to give gifts to the beloved elders and […]