Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

~ James 2:18

Peaking in Peru

“The Knot!” barks the instructor. “If you leave here knowing nothing else, remember that! It will save your life.” We all stop smiling and study

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A World of Good

A handful of Canadian high-schoolers take one hour a week to DO A WORLD OF GOOD with a sustainable recycling project that helps fund two

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Palawan: Island Hopping

El Nido, Philippines – It’s hard to hear over the one-cylinder banging of the banca’s engine.  We left the kids of Papa John Center a

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Rainbow Gathering

Every now and again, when my trapezoids feel like they’re attached to my earlobes, I get this hankering to sprout wings and fly off somewhere. 

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Young monks

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Microsoft’s Windows VISTA offers dim hope for enlightenment during the convocation ceremony for these novice monks at Wat Pantao in the

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Songkran: Thai New Year

WATER FIGHT!!! What began centuries ago as a traditional celebration of the Thai astrological new year has devolved into a friendly national water fight geared

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Takin' it to the streets (AWANA)

The PBJ ministry (Philippine Basketball for Jesus) children’s AWANA-style program: One dozen volunteers, 70 street kids and 2 glorious hours of Christ-centered fun and games:

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