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Exposure Triangle: ISO

In this 3-part series, we look at manual camera settings for correct image exposure. The Exposure Triangle shows the connection between three essential camera controls: ISO = sensitivity of the camera sensor Aperture = volume of light, that is size of lens hole that light passes through measured in f-stops, and Shutter Speed = time […]

Creating An Online Course While Crossing Canada In A Van (MMSC)

Self-isolating in a customized van, Craig and Lib head out across Canada’s glaciated mountains, sprawling plains and rocky shields of lake-pocked landscape to film lessons for an online Media Mission Short Course (MMSC) to equip up-and-coming video journalists. This short video will get you up to speed on our work to film lesson modules for […]


Perspectives is a collection of short video interviews of Christian leaders from around the world sharing their insights, applications and encouragement for the Church body as it adjusts to “life under lockdown” and the Covid19 pandemic.

Death By Dongle

Death by dongle

We’re in mid-packing for a longterm overseas assignment.  Naturally, we want to travel light and this is a perfect time to rid myself of all obsolete and redundant gear, so I plug my nose and dive into my computer bag. No wonder I’ve been plagued with chronic neck/shoulder issues. Inside my kit there is a […]

How to fix a stuck filter

The following method was explained to me by a Canon Professional Service technician.  Note: this procedure is not recommended for the faint of heart!

Death to dust bunnies

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a dust bunny! In fact a flyin’ burrow of them. You’re looking at 1500 identical pixels from the CMOS chip of a Canon 5D dSLR – cropped from two separate images of a blank piece of paper. On the left is the crud-studded photo sensor prior to […]

Photo opportunity or opportunism?

Phone rang the other day… photo desk of national newspaper asks if I can accompany a writer to Big White ski resort, 90 minutes south of here. “Cool,” says I. “What’s the story?” “That Aussie, Leigh Barnier, that was killed in the avalanche…?,” says the PE, probing my reaction. “A reporter is doing a story […]