Stories of faith, hope and encouragement

Creating An Online Course While Crossing Canada In A Van (MMSC)

Self-isolating in a customized van, Craig and Lib head out across Canada’s glaciated mountains, sprawling plains and rocky shields of lake-pocked landscape to film lessons for an online Media Mission Short Course (MMSC) to equip up-and-coming video journalists. This short video will get you up to speed on our work to film lesson modules for […]

Where others have walked

Have you ever found yourself in a place and felt as though you were not alone? I don’t mean like there’s someone stalking you or that the place is haunted; not that.  More like you are standing on ground where important people have walked before and even though centuries have passed, they are somehow still […]

Photo Walkabout: Metro Manila

Back in metro Manila again and I am blown away by the pace of life and incredible growth that’s going on here.  High rises and condo salespeople are everywhere! The purpose behind this trip – call it a Photo Walkabout – is to simply chase light, recharge my creative batteries and refine my vision.  The […]

Sunset over Dolarog Wharf

El Nido, Philippines – It was amazing how fast it set, the sun. My back was to the shore as I wound my way through coconut treed lawn of the Dolarog.  It was dark inside our hut, but an orange glare of light on a polished teak table drew my eye back out to the […]

Man Bites Dog

Hanoi, VN – A skinny waiter steps toward our table as I flip through a grease-stained menu of items I cannot pronounce. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” I say to my buddy seated across from me. The waiter, now standing beside us, puts a pen to a thin pad of paper and […]



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