Photography / The Backstory

What is drama, after all, but life with all the dull bits cut out.

~ Alfred Hitchcock

Heroes and Rogues

Salmon Arm Art Gallery presents: Heroes and Rogues December 3-17, 2016 70 Hudson Ave, NE  Salmon Arm, BC Heroes & Rogues is a collection of

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My Date with Gimli

Got a call from the local Film Commissioner looking to house a Yeti. “A what?” I asked. “A Yeti… Y-E-T-I… you know, an Abominable Snowman,

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Rainbow Gathering

Rainbow Gatherings – An open minded extension of the 1960’s free love movement where a joyful gathering of shamans, spiritists, eco-hippies and other counter-culture individuals

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Papa John's Center update

Visited Gemma B. over at Papa Johns Center to hear more about her work with abandoned kids in metro-Manila here in the Philippines.  Our family

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Santa on a bad day?

Our latest tutorial just hit the webwaves for Photoflex this Christmas that utilizes the extra small OctoDome nxt.  I’m pretty stoked about this hexagonal softbox because

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