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Perspectives is a collection of video interviews of Christian leaders from around the world sharing their insights, applications and encouragement for the Church body as it adjusts to “life under lockdown” and the Covid19 pandemic.

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“Lock-down” has been a time of serious reflection for Matt Menzel, Lead Pastor of Westside Church in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Take heed, as Matt addresses the need to break free of our idols and traditions; to return to the heart of God and be consecrated so that we may truly see the power of God manifest in the people of God once again.

Their reality is one few Westerners can comprehend.

As missionaries aboard the Cloud Nine, a 53′ Ketch sailing vessel off the Island of Ebeye, Scott and Katie Suderno minister to small sparsely populated villages across the Marshall Islands that are only accessible by boat.

In this interview, the Sudernos speak of the compounding challenges of daily life and ministry to a tight knit family-based culture that is particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

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That mid-week feeling telling you that you are longing to gather with others? That you’re actually looking forward to Sunday? It’s normal.

Pastor “TC” Chikwekwe, based in Nairobi, Kenya, serves a large network of youth ministries across Africa. In this short vid, TC challenges us to cherish this time and court that longing for God, because we are meant to gather and to worship – together.

“[COVID-19] sounds to me like a rehearsal,” says Alex Juvet, Swiss director for Compass Europe, a Christian think tank for biblical financial stewardship. 

Alex has a sober warning for us all to focus on God and not mammon so as to be ready for tougher times that lay ahead.

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Several years ago, the Lord directed Pastor Ben Hall and a small but growing network of rural churches in the mountains of British Columbia to set up a family counselling ministry. Evidently, it was for such a time as this.

“God was not surprised by this.” Bill Barley, Senior Pastor of Livingstones Church on the island of Kona, Hawai’i, sends a message of reassurance and inspiration to adjust to these times by asking God to show us how He has already prepared us to respond.

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Staying put is not Rheo Loseo’s style. Launching a new medical ship to address the wholistic needs – body, soul and spirit – for his beloved Philippines is.

The pandemic has boosted Rheo’s desire to bring even more healthcare, education and hope of the gospel to hundreds of island of his home country. Listen in as he shares his heart on the opportunities to intercede for the wellbeing of others.

There is no substitute for one-on-one discipleship. 

George and Patsy Murichu serve youth – across the economic gulf of Nairobi, Kenya – with Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM). Their call to a world of social distancing is to never lose sight of our need for that human touch.

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“Lean into this moment,” says Darrell Winger, lead pastor of one of Canada’s largest church congregations.  The Meeting House hosts 18 satellite gatherings weekly and ministers to some 10,000 members.  These days, they are witnessing a heightened spiritual curiosity in the Great Toronto Area.

The pandemic is a time of opportunity to share the love of Jesus to others. A 20-year veteran church planter, Pastor Mayumi Nakaue sees God in the midst of all things (Rom 8:28).

Even within this season of social distancing, Mayumi is finding countless occasions to serve spiritual food to family, friends and others in countries around the Pacific Rim.

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Cross Current Church ministers to the urban poor in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; however, the Covid19 pandemic/lockdown has reprioritized their efforts.

In the past months, church elders have been led to “wait on the Lord” and realign their plans with the heart of God. This, for them, is a time to seek the Lord.

More PERSPECTIVES to come…

What is your take on things?  Feel free to add your own perspective to the mix in the comments section below.

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